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Angkor Wat Wins ArchaeoMadness
Angkor Wat won the 2014 ArchaoMadness competition after defeating the sites of Chaco Canyon, Machu Picchu, Tikal, Cahokia, and Caracol.
Joint NEAIG/ASOR Workshop: Politics and Archaeology in the Middle East. New Paradigms of Cooperation
In the face of political instability in the Near East, this workshop aims to generate an international dialogue on cultural heritage.
Saturday is International Archaeology Day
Over 400 events around the world will celebrate discovering the past on the 4th Annual International Archaeology Day this October 18.
Cromlech Tumulus: Week Fifteen
During the final week of 2014 field work, we offered our assistance to the Achill Historical and Archaeological Society.
A workshop that we recommend: "Thinking Outside the Box: Alternative Careers in Academia"
Curious about where an advanced degree in archaeology might lead you? Alternate academic careers can be found in the form of academic advising, program and curriculum development, and work in academic libraries.
Registration Now Open for January Educators' Conference
Register today for the Educators’ Working Conference, January 9-10, 2015, New Orleans.
AIA Statement on the Recent Sale of Artifacts by the St. Louis Society
The Archaeological Institute of America has learned with grave concern that the AIA St. Louis Society has sold a collection of Egyptian artifacts entrusted to its care.
Discover the Past with The Museum of the Coastal Bend
The Museum of the Coastal Bend is hosting “Discover the Past,” a day of hands-on programming, to celebrate International Archaeology Day.
Last Day of Our Campaign
Today is the last day that YOU can support archaeological education and programs by making a gift to save the Society Outreach Grant Campaign!
Alex the Archaeologist
The Society Outreach Grant Program supports unique AIA Society education initiatives. Read more about one of the creators of the Rochester Society's grant-winning "Alex the Archaeologist" program.
Archaeology for $400, Alex
On October 17, Jeopardy! will feature an Archaeology category in honor of International Archaeology Day.
Welcoming Our Newest IAD 2014 Collaborators!
Join our newest collborators at IAD!

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