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by Sebastian Heath
September 15, 2010
Greece, a country in which many AIA members have worked or studied, has asked the United States to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that would require documentation for objects coming into the U.S. that may have been illegally exported from Greece. The US already has MoUs with countries such as China, Cyprus, and Italy as well as many nations in Central and South America. Adding an agreement with Greece will be a major step forward in enabling the U.S. Government to help reduce the looting of sites and the destruction of our shared archaeological heritage. The MoU faces substantial opposition from collectors and dealers, particularly those who buy and sell ancient coins. Indeed, the U.S. government site where people can... Read More
by Ben Thomas, AIA Director of Programs
September 9, 2010
The AIA’s public outreach programs, which range from weeklong conferences with thousands of attendees to workshops for handfuls of middle-school teachers, are at the core of the Institute’s mission to inform and educate. Several of our signature programs, such as the Annual Meeting, National Lecture Program, and Archaeology Fairs, are organized by staff in our Boston office. Numerous events are also organized at the local community level by more than 100 AIA Local Societies across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. In recent years, our Archaeology Fairs have been extremely popular. These one- or two-day events showcase dozens of archaeologically and historically themed interactive activities and demonstrations for the public and... Read More
by Peter Herdrich, AIA CEO and Publisher of ARCHAEOLOGY
July 29, 2010
The audience at Tuesday evening’s Archaeological Institute of America presentation at Boston University confronted some stunning evidence of what the chairman of the AIA Site Preservation Committee, Paul Rissman, calls “desecration.” Photographs of sites in Cambodia showed statues and reliefs smashed to pieces, stone heads and bodies hacked off by looters. These dramatic images were part of an informative presentation by Erin Linn of Heritage Watch, an NGO operating in Cambodia to prevent the loss of that country’s cultural heritage. The AIA Site Preservation Committee presented the program, called “Thieves of Time: Preserving Cultural Heritage in Cambodia.” Heritage Watch is the recipient of the AIA... Read More
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