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April 23, 2014
Archaeology is a subject that attracts individuals from all different backgrounds. Ethan Aines is currently a senior at Stanford University, looking forward to attending either Cambridge or Oxford next year. Before Stanford, however, he was a student at Las Positas College, a community college in Livermore, CA, returning to the States after spending six years studying Arabic and freelancing in Egypt. Attending high school against the background of the Iraq War inspired Ethan to learn Arabic and pursue a non-traditional post-secondary career in Cairo. When not writing or editing, he would visit the numerous archaeological sites for fun. Fortuitously, Ethan decided to go back to his home state of California before the Egyptian Revolution... Read More
April 9, 2014
New Mexico is well known as an area of archaeological importance, filled with unique sites, monuments and museums. It is no surprise, therefore, that the Santa Fe Archaeological Society has been around for over 100 years. The Society became a chapter of the Archaeological Institute of America in 1916, and has long been known for its active, dedicated members and exciting fieldtrips. New Mexico’s history plays a large role in attracting new members and ensuring high turn outs at events: with national monuments and archaeological sites all around, “everyone is interested!” Paula Lozar, an AIA member since 1999, is happy to state: “I'm fortunate to live in an area where the past is still very much present, both as... Read More
March 27, 2014
In preparation for the upcoming excavation season, the AIA asked field school veterans that follow our Facebook page to help out first-timers and offer advice from personal experience. The responses were practical, helpful, and often amusing. We have compiled them here as an easy reference list for you as you prepare for your first foray into the field.     Field Fashion When packing for a dig, taking note of the climate is essential. If the excavation is in the desert, think lightweight layers. If Ireland, England, or the Pacific Northwest is the destination, plan on having (and using) a full set of rain gear. If you are excavating in the rainforest, light, quick drying clothing is helpful and long sleeves will help you avoid... Read More
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