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February 1, 2012
Monday, January 23: Edfu to Aswan Sailing on the River Nile is a truly extraordinary experience, akin to sailing through a National Geographic magazine. Seamless sensational views of villages and agricultural scenes, the pace is relaxing with tea time on the top deck. Navigating the river cruise ships is remarkable act of maritime art. The boats are four decks tall, and slide gently into locks and along docksides. At Edfu in Middle Egypt, transportation to the temple is provided by horse carriages that carry you back to the 19th century atmosphere through modern and busy traffic. Understanding Egypt requires a steady mixture of seeing construction and destruction and a yin-yang contradiction of enduring ancient traditions and unstoppable... Read More
January 30, 2012
Saturday, January 21:  Road trip to Abydos and Dendera After a lovely day visiting the sites of the Queen’s Valley and Medinat Habu in the West Bank of Luxor yesterday, today we took a three-hour road trip to Abydos Temple (or Seti I and Ramses II) to witness the majestic and lofty scenes and its famed King List. The group members loved seeing rural Egyptian life along the Nile and canals. The route back was on the desert road, cutting the big loop of the Nile and reaching Dendera in a timely way to see its noted zodiac, secret basement rooms and the historical image of Cleoptra VII and her son Caesarion as this was the last temple built at the end of the Ptolemaic period. While reading or napping on the return trip, we came... Read More
January 26, 2012
Thursday, January 19, 2012:  Luxor By Thursday we had flown down to the Upper Egyptian town of Luxor to stay at the historic Winter Palace Hotel.  As elsewhere in Egypt, I had visited many, many times before, but the lower number of tourists made this occasion truly delightful and relaxing. The massive excavation of the colonnade of sphinxes long-buried under urban Luxor now presents a spectacular visual link between Karnak and Luxor temples. It was an evening visit to illuminated Luxor temple that was truly exceptional. Our group was simply the only one present. We had the entire temple to ourselves. Our excellent guide, Mohamed, did not have to jostle with crows or shout to be heard. For those wanting to visit Egypt as a... Read More
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