Dispatches from the AIA

Dispatches from the AIA, a regular feature in ARCHAEOLOGY magazine, reports on the latest initiatives and programs undertaken by the AIA and its 108 Local Societies. Dispatches is a great way for AIA members and ARCHAEOLOGY readers to learn about the Institute and how the support of members and donors enables us to fulfill our mission of informing the public about archaeology.

Philadelphia Meeting Sets Attendance Record; A Glimpse into the Ancient Balkans; AIA Award Winners

First National Archaeology Day a Resounding Success!; Congressional Proclamation; Virtual Participation; Partners and Supporters; National Archaeology Day and AIA Societies; Photo Contest

Site Preservation Grants Awarded to Sites in Kenya and Israel; Local Societies’ Outreach Programs Benefit Communities and the AIA; Annual Meeting; AIA-BU Archaeology Symposium; AIA Advocacy; National Archaeology Day

Saving Irish Sites!; Local Society Outreach Grant Winners; National Archaeology Day; AIA Joins the International Coalition to Protect Egyptian Antiquities; AIA Encourages Renewal of MoU with Bolivia; New Site Preservation Internship

AIA Gala Celebrates Underwater Archaeology and Irish Culture; AIA Awards Grant to Protect Earliest Human Remains in the Americas; AIA and Google Unveil Google Earth Map of Irish Sites at the Gala; National Archaeology Day Announced

Beyond Lectures: AIA Local Societies and Public Outreach; Advocacy: Good News…Italy Import Restrictions Renewed!; Site Preservation Grant: Visiting Gault; In Memoriam; Political Unrest and the Destruction of Cultural Heritage; CHAMP Website; AIA’s Partnership with SAA and SHA; Newly Elected Officers

A Toast to the Past; New AIA Award, Best Practices in Site Preservation,
goes to Professor Giorgio Buccellati; AIA in the Lone Star State; AIA Award Winners

Early Americans in Texas; Rome Wasn't Built in a Day

Forging Relationships in Bozeman; Education and Preservation at umm el-Jimal; Archaeology Fairs; Around the Web; Preserving Heritage in Conflict Zones

The Latest from the Field; AIA's Website Gets a Makeover!; Submerged Maya Site Preserved; Upcoming Archaeology Fairs

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