The Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations Graduate Students' Association 18th Annual Symposium - Power, Patronage, and Politics: Taking Stock of Empires

Sponsored by Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations Department Graduate Students' Association (NMCGSA) at the University of Toronto

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 - 2:00pm - Thursday, February 27, 2014 - 5:00pm

The Faculty Club - University of Toronto
41 Willcocks St.
Toronto, ON M5C 1C7

NMCGSA 18th Annual Graduate Student Symposium

Power, Patronage, and Politics: Taking Stock of Empires

Symposium schedule (Subject to change)


2:00pm             Opening Remarks

Session A: “Building” an Empire

2:05 pm            Ayse Bike Baykara (University of Illinois Urbana Champaign), Politics of the Arena and How did Roman Pergamon Utilize Architecture to reflect a particular identity and ideology?

2:25 pm            Candis Haak (University of Toronto), Royal Patrons of Pilgrimage: Space, Ritual, and Reference as  Subject Makers of the Vijayanagara Empire

2:45pm             Aimee Miles (Koç University), Roman civic infrastructure as pacification and propaganda: Case studies in Lycia and Pamphylia from the 1st century B.C. to the 1st century A.D.

3:05pm             Radovan Kabatiar (University of Toronto), Life on the Periphery, Life at the Crossroads. Subsistence strategies at Kinet Höyük (Turkey) in the Late Bronze and Early Iron Ages

 3:25-3:40pm    Break

Session B: The Neo-Assyrian Empire

3:40pm             Jennifer Finn (Ludwig-Maximilians Universität), Rethinking The Sin of Sargon within Assyro-Babylonian  Imperial Discourse

4:00pm             Yan Jia (Harvard University), Opening the Imperial Doors of Assyria: A Spatial Reading of the Neo-Assyrian Monumental Doors from Balawat

4:20pm             Amanda Lanham (Harvard University), The Art of Emulation: “Assyrianization” at Tell Fekheriye and  Carchemish

4:40pm             Tracy L. Spurrier (University of Toronto), “Alme, Akšud, Ašlula šallassunu!” Searching for evidence of  Neo Assyrian Kings sharing their glory

5:00-5:30pm     Defining Empire Discussion


Session C: Medieval Islamic thought

10:00am           Yehia Amin (University of Toronto), Between Peripatetic and Mystic: Studying Suhrawardi's Early Thought

10:25am           Khalil Andani (Harvard Divinity School), The Metaphysics of Tawhīd: Ismā‘īlī and Akbarī Perspectives

10:50-11:05am Break

Session D: Reflections on Modern Intellectual Thought

11:05am           Dina Fergani (University of Toronto), Abdallah al-Nadim and the 19th century Egyptian intellectual  milieu: Modern, all too modern?

11:30am           Sabrina M. Guerrieri (University of Toronto), Shari’ati’s Third World Existentialism: reconciling “anti- materialism” and “Islamic Marxism”

11:55am           Netanel Silverman (University of Toronto), What Grows from New York Concrete: Haim Nahman Bialik’s Romantic Tidhar (Plane Tree) and Mahmoud Darwish’s Ironic Zanbak (Lily)

12:20-2:00pm   Lunch Break


Session E: Ancient Egypt

2:00pm             Thomas H. Greiner (University of Toronto), Byblos and its Egyptian Connections in the late 2nd Millennium BC

2:25pm             Renata Schiavo (Pisa University), Royal and non-royal ancestor worship in Ancient Egypt: a diachronic perspective

2:50-3:05pm     Break

Session F: Egypt in the 19th and 20th Centuries

3:05pm             Fadia Bahgat (McGill University), The Case of the Maltese Women Evaders

3:30pm             Meira Gold (University of Toronto), Victorian Egyptology in Context: The Egypt Exploration Fund's search for the biblical exodus route

3:55pm             Eric Schewe (University of Michigan), No Photography in Military Areas: The Imperial Origins of Egyptian Spacial Security Techniques in World War II

Session G: Inside Syria Today

4:20pm             Rasha Elendari (University of Toronto), and Joanna Kader (Gordon Kirke Q. C.), Assad and Isis: Syrians on the horns of a dilemma

5:30pm             Symposium Reception – NMC Department (4 Bancroft Ave) Conference Room 200B


Tracy L. Spurrier

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