New Books by AIA Members

List and brief description of recent and forthcoming books authored by the AIA membership.

by Susan Heuck Allen
University of Michigan Press (May 2011)

Classical Spies is the first insiders' account of the operations of the American intelligence service in World War II Greece. Initiated by archaeologists in Greece and the eastern Mediterranean, the network drew on scholars'...

by Lindsay Powell
Pen and Sword Books (March 2011)

"Drusus the Elder, illuminated at last in this the first biography of an important personality from the beginnings of Rome's empire and for which Lindsay is to be congratulated."
-- Graham Sumner, co-author ...

by Derek B. Counts and A. S. Tuck
Oxbow/Joukowsky Institute (January 2009)


The Oxford English Dictionary defines koine...

by Derek B. Counts and Bettina Arnold
Archaeolingua (January 2010)

Old World iconography from the Upper Paleolithic to the Christian era consistently...

by Sinclair Bell and Helen Nagy, eds.
University of Wisconsin Press (May 2009)

This impressive collection brings to light the works of international scholars, some previously unavailable to an English-language audience. With new information and assessments about the art, architecture, and archaeology of one of the most...