Trent University Archaeologists Uncover New Mayan Hieroglyphs in Belize

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Trent University - Daily News
November 2010
<p> A team of Trent University archaeologists led by Dr. Helen R. Haines has recently uncovered what is believed to be the name of a previously unknown Mayan ruler painted on the wall of a tomb located on the site of Ka&#39;Kabish in North-Central Belize.<br /> <br /> Although translation is still on-going, Dr. Christophe Helmke, an epigrapher at the University of Copenhagen, believes that the glyphs record a name. Based on the tomb&rsquo;s design and construction, Trent&rsquo;s archaeologists believe that the individual was a person of importance and likely a ruler of the site.</p> <p> <br /> The Trent archaeological team led by Prof. Haines, who is based at Trent University Oshawa, Thornton Road Campus, is supported by a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) grant through Trent University.<br /> &nbsp;</p>