Fieldnotes: News Briefs

Brief news items on the AIA professional membership and newsworthy activities in the field, including links to recently published institutional press releases or articles in the media. - September 29, 2011
  The severe drought in Texas has caused a drop in the level of the water in Lake Whitney, exposing five archaeological sites dating back 8,000 years. More than 30 people have been caught digging illegally.
Google News – AP - August 31, 2011
  A massive amphitheater used to train gladiators has reportedly been found east of Vienna.
Enfield Independent - August 30, 2011
  A silver coin and a fragment of high-status tile have been found at the site of a former palace of Henry VIII. The tile dates to the fourteenth century, indicating that an important manor house stood on the site before Elsyng Palace was built. The coin bears an image of the king’s face.
Today’s Zaman - August 29, 2011
  Masks worn by actors have been unearthed at the theater in the ancient city of Myra, which is located on the southern coast of Turkey. Excavators also found a family monument at the site.
BBC News - August 29, 2011
  Horses were domesticated 9,000 years ago on the Arabian Peninsula, claims an announcement made by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities.