Fieldnotes: Digital Resources
EfA and BSA Chronique des fouilles en ligne (Archaeology in Greece Online)


The École française d’Athènes and the British School at Athens share a long tradition of disseminating to the scholarly community the results of archaeological fieldwork conducted in Greece. Since 1920, the École française d’Athènes has devoted a part of the Bulletin de Correspondance hellénique to a wide account of archaeological research in Greece, Cyprus and, every second year, the Cimmerian Bosphorus. The British School at Athens compiles a similar annual review, Archaeology in Greece, which has been published jointly with the Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies as part of Archaeological Reports since 1954 – the latest step in a history of collaborative publication which dates back to the School’s foundation. Building upon this tradition, and enabling future generations of scholars to benefit most effectively from the growing volume of information available, lies at the heart of the academic mission of both Schools. We regard an electronic resource, which draws upon the strengths of both of our publications, as an essential means to this end. The British School therefore had no hesitation in accepting the invitation extended by the École française d’Athènes to collaborate in the creation of a wholly new research tool named, in our respective languages, Chronique des fouilles en ligne and Archaeology in Greece Online. The database is organised by region, searchable both by toponym and via maps. Searches using key words and chronological terms lead directly into site records in either French or English. Alternatively, individual researchers may pursue their particular interests through free text searches. The task of compiling and entering site records has been divided according to region between the École française d’Athènes and the British School, in a manner which reflects their respective histories, research traditions, and geographical areas of interest. Site records thus appear in English or French, according to the native language of the editor.