Fieldnotes: Digital Resources

A permanent list of digital resources in archaeology and related fields.

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One of two libraries of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, the Blegen Library focuses on all aspects of Greece and the Greeks from the earliest prehistory through late antiquity.The Library currently has more than ninety thousand volumes and nearly 700 periodicals. In its field, it is one of the premier research libraries in the world and the best in Greece. The Blegen library is open to Members of the American School of Classical Studies, and to approved visitors.
On-line collections of the French School of Archaeology at Athens.
Elijah School of The is an online Biblical Research Center that provides a resource of Biblical Studies concerned with information of a religious nature, although we are certainly not limited to religious studies in the strictest sense of the word.
Opened in 1926 with 26,000 volumes from diplomat and bibliophile, Joannes Gennadius, the Gennadius Library now holds a richly diverse collection of over 116,000 books and rare bindings, archives, manuscripts, and works of art illuminating the Hellenic tradition and neighboring cultures.
The library's collection focuses on all periods of Cretan history and culture with an emphasis on the Aegean Bronze and Iron Ages. In addition to numerous books and periodicals, the collection contains many geological maps of Crete and the surrounding islands, and an extensive offprint file with over 2000 articles.
The Arthur and Janet C. Ross Library of the American Academy in Rome contains over 135,000 volumes in the fields of of classical studies and the history of art and architecture. Especially strong are the collections in ancient Mediterranean archaeology and art, Greek and Latin literature, ancient topography (including the history of the city of Rome), ancient religions, and related fields such as epigraphy, numismatics and papyrology. There is a good working collection in the history of art and architecture, especially Italian. The rare book collection comprises chiefly 16th-18th century imprints in classical studies, archaeology, art and architecture, including sizeable collections of Roman guidebooks and early art treatises. The Library also houses small but noteworthy collections in contemporary art and architecture, landscape architecture, Italian history and literature, American literature, historical travel books and music. The Library acquires ca. 2,000 volumes per year and subscribes to approximately 600 current periodicals. Preference is given to scholarly publications in the core subjects listed above. A special priority is given to publications from the United States, in the conviction that the Academy has a responsibility to represent the best of American scholarship to Rome's multinational community.
The URBS library catalog online permits researchers to simultaneously search the catalogs of the libraries of the various foreign schools in Rome, as well as the holdings of the Vatican libraries in Vatican City. Catalogs that may be searched include: Accademia di Danimarca, American Academy in Rome, British School at Rome, Escuela Espanola de Historia y Arqueologia en Roma, Institutum Romanum Finlandiae, Istituto Austriaco di Roma, Istituto Svizzero di Roma, Koninklijk Nederlands Instituut te Rome, Libera Università Maria SS. Assunta (LUMSA), Det norske institutt i Roma, and venska Institutet i Rom