Bull Creek Camp and Ravenscroft Paleoindian Bison Kill, Oklahoma Panhandle
2009 excavation of Ravenscroft bonebed. There's more to find!
Excavation at Ravenscroft2013 Excavation at Ravenscroft bison bonebed

Location: Guymon, Oklahoma, United States

Season Dates: June 1, 2015 - July 3, 2015
Application Deadline: March 13, 2015

Program Type
Field school

Affiliation: Oklahoma Archeological Survey, University of Oklahoma

Project Director: Dr. Leland Bement, Oklahoma Archeological Survey; KC Carlson, Dept. of Anthropology, OU

Project Description

Join an international team of researchers as they converge in the Oklahoma panhandle to tackle questions of Paleoindian organization and hunting technology. This summer we will continue excavating the late Paleoindian age Bull Creek camp site and nearby Ravenscroft bison kill site in the Oklahoma panhandle. The Bull Creek camp is a large, deeply buried habitation site containing activity areas, lithic reduction areas, and animal processing areas. This site dates to the Late Paleoindian Period. We plan to open an extended excavation block of approximately 25 square meters adjacent to the existing 18 square meter area excavated in 2009. At Ravenscroft we will uncover a bone bed in a newly discovered arroyo near the previously excavated arroyo kill. We hope to find projectile points to identify the culture responible for the kill. Students will have the opportunity to uncover a 9000 year old bison bonebed. The bison are Bison antiquus, making them 20 percent larger than modern bison. We hope to identify the site extent and uncover additional bones and cultural material. At both these sites students will learn standard excavation techniques, soils and stratigraphy, bonebed excavation, and other archaeological procedures. Field trips to nearby archaeological sites will provide comparative fodder for discussions. 

At the moment we have set the dates for this project to begin June 1, 2015 and end July 3, 2015. However, these dates are subject to change as summer gets closer. Please email for latest schedule and additional information.

Period(s) of Occupation: Late Paleoindian, Plainview

Project Size: 1-24 participants

Minimum Length of Stay for Volunteers: 2 weeks

Minimum Age: 18

Experience Required: None

Room and Board Arrangements

Live in tents at nearby ranch. Water and cook house provided.

Cost: $300 for entire fieldschool

Academic Credit
Name of institution offering credit: University of Oklahoma
Number of credits offered: 1 to 6
Tuition: To be determined

Contact Information
Leland Bement
Oklahoma Archeological Survey, 111 E. Chesapeake, Rm 102
Norman, Oklahoma 73129
Phone: 405-325-7215
Fax: 405-325-7604

Recommended Bibliography

Bement, Leland C. 1999 Bison Hunting at Cooper Site, Where Lightning Bolts Drew Thundering Herds. University of Oklahoma Press, Norman.

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