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A gift to the Archaeological Institute of America helps support the Institute's many exciting programs and initiatives in the areas of outreach, education, and site preservation. Your donation is also critical to the continued success of the AIA's nationwide events as well as the future of professionals in the field.

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Gifts may also be sent to the AIA  Headquarters directly:

Archaeological Institute of America
Located at Boston University
c/o Jennifer Klahn
656 Beacon Street, 6th Floor
Boston, MA 02215-2006


Call us toll-free: (877) 524-6300

Attention Frequent Fliers!

Support the AIA as you Earn Miles. As an AIA member, you know that we work hard to provide programming for our over 100 Local Societies across the United States and Canada. In these days of increased airfares and decreased budgets, it’s becoming increasingly more of a challenge for us to book travel arrangements for our lecturers. That’s why we’ve partnered with United Airlines and Delta Airlines to allow our members to support the AIA’s programming through their travel. If you have a frequent flier account with either of these airlines, you can help the AIA reduce expenses and fly world renowned lecturers to speak in a community near you as part of the AIA Lecture Program. And what’s the best part? You continue to earn miles to your own frequent flier account, while the airline matches your miles and credits the AIA’s account, all with no charge to you!

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Vehicle Donation Program

Vehicle Donation

Exciting news!  The AIA is happy to announce that we now are accepting vehicle donations through Independent Charities of America’s Vehicle Donation Program.  Donate that old clunker taking up space in your garage to Independent Charities of America and they will send the proceeds to the AIA.  Talk about modern day recycling!  Donate now – it’s just another way to support the Institute’s commitment to archaeological research, education, and preservation around the world!  Click here for more details 

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