John R. Coleman Traveling Fellowship New

Archaeological Institute of America

Sunday, November 1, 2015
John Coleman at Aphrodisias, summer 1963
John Coleman at Aphrodisias,
summer 1963

Amount: $11,000

Purpose: The fellowship honors the memory of John R. Coleman, whose premature death deprived the field of a scholar of unusual integrity and promise.  John R. Coleman graduated magna cum laude at Harvard University, held a Fulbright Fellowship at the University of Bonn, and pursued graduate study at Princeton University. He excavated at Aphrodisias and Morgantina. The Coleman Fellowship is to be used for travel and study in Italy, the western Mediterranean, or North Africa, between July 1 of the award year and the following June 30. The award may not support field excavation projects, nor may AIA fellowship funds be used for institutional overhead, administrative recovery costs, or indirect costs.

Requirements:  Applicants must be members of the AIA at the time of application; the recipient should remain a member until the end of the fellowship term and subsequent submission of an abstract and/or presentation at the annual meeting. Applicants must be engaged in dissertation research in a U.S. graduate program.  Please note that all application materials (including references and transcripts) must be received at the AIA by the November 1 deadline.  At the conclusion of the fellowship tenure, the recipient is required to submit a report on the use of the award to the Chair of the AIA Fellowships Committee.  Within two years of tenure of the fellowship, the recipient is also expected to submit an abstract to the Program Committee, in order be considered for participation in the AIA Annual Meeting. 

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