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Our Experts, who have volunteered to share their time and information, include researchers, university professors, AIA Board members, ancient art historians, field archaeologists, museum specialists, architectural historians, and more – all with specialized knowledge of specific ancient cultures and subjects.

We have created a catalogue of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). In the FAQ section are answers to some of the questions archaeologists are most often asked, arranged by topic. If you want to know the meaning of a particular archaeological term, please check our online Glossary.

If you cannot find an answer in the FAQ, please leave a comment! Please be patient, since our volunteer archaeologists are sometimes excavating, teaching, or otherwise occupied, and may not be able to respond immediately.


First of all, choosing a

First of all, choosing a career for when you grow up has a lot to do with what interests you today. What is that one thing that you would do day and night, and you never get bored of?

Archaeology studies past civilizations in all their aspects, and all over the world. There are a lot of things about humans that we still don’t know of. Questions like: how and when did we dominate fire, how did we invent bronze, or when did we start exploring the earth by land and sea… and many many others are waiting for you to be answered. If you like history, and museums. If you dream of discovering a long forgotten civilization, or slowly recreating a society from little pieces of a buried puzzle, then archaeology is just the thing for you. However you should know that you will have to study a lot, but if you are passionate and have good teachers you will love every moment of it.

Please let me know if you have any more questions!

Best wishes

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