AIA Lecturer/Host: Norman Hammond

Professor Emeritus of Archaeology at Boston University

Norman Hammond is Professor Emeritus of Archaeology and former Chairman of the Department of Archaeology at Boston University. He earned his M.A. in Archaeology and Anthropology, his Diploma in Classical Archaeology, and his Ph.D. and Sc.D. in Maya Archaeology at the University of Cambridge, England. He began working in Maya archaeology on a Harvard University project in Guatemala, and has worked on Maya sites in Belize since 1970, with major excavations at the cities of Lubaantun, Nohmul, Cuello, and La Milpa; he has also worked in Ecuador. He is the author of Ancient Maya Civilization, which was also the first book on the Maya to be published in China and Hungary.

Norman Hammond also directed archaeological projects in Libya, Tunisia, and Afghanistan (and co-edited The Archaeology of Afghanistan [1978]) before taking up Maya archaeology. He has been Archaeology Correspondent of The Times of London since 1967, and was Archaeology Editor of the Times Literary Supplement (TLS) 2009-2011. He has been an Academic Trustee of the AIA (1990-1993) and a member of several committees of the AIA’s Governing Board, most recently the Gold Medal Committee (2005-2011). He has lectured widely for the AIA across the U.S. and Canada, on cruises in South America and the Caribbean, and on this AIA Jungle Kingdoms tour (2013); as well as on previous archaeological tours in Albania, China, Afghanistan with Pakistan, and Mexico with Guatemala.

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