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100 Collaborating Organizations Join IAD in September
100 organizations signed up to participate in and host this month's International Archaeology Day festivities.
2015 Survey on Field Safety: Middle East, North Africa, and Mediterranean Basin
This Survey on Field Safety: Middle East, North Africa, and Mediterranean Basin (2015) is designed to understand the ways in which archaeological fieldwork does – or does not – provide a safe and secure setting for all participants.
Field Report from Yeronisos Island Excavation 2015
Elena Ferrero, recipient of the 2015 Jane C. Waldbaum Field School Scholarship, reports on her first archaeological field school experience.
ArchaeoMadness Counts Down to International Archaeology Day
This year's rendition of ArchaeoMadness is here!
35 Collaborating Organizations Added in August
35 Collaborating Organizations joined IAD in August.
Dispatches from the AIA - September 2015
Site Preservation Grants Awarded to Projects in Greece and Chile; International Archaeology Day Is October 17, 2015; AIA-SCS 117th Joint Annual Meeting, January 2016, in San Francisco; First Bartman Scholarship Recipients Announced; 120th Year of AIA Lecture Program Gets Under Way in September; Upcoming AIA Funding Opportunities
Achill Island 2015: Week 13 - Keem Bay
After a last day of major excavation, the final week at House 3 in Keem Bay involved cleaning, recording and backfilling.
Achill Island 2015: Week 12 - Keem Bay
Our goal was to work on the house at Keem Bay and backfill before the final group arrived to excavate elsewhere in the Keem settlement.

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