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September 23, 2010
An update from Lindy Crewe about the AIA Site Preservation Grant awarded to Kissonerga, Cyprus.
August 30, 2010
An update from AIA Site Preservation Grant Winner, the Gault School of Archaeological Research (Texas), about a recent Teacher's Workshop held at the Gault Site.
August 19, 2010
An overview of how law enforcement works to protect cultural heritage.
August 12, 2010
Staff members from the Museum of Anthropology at Wake Forest University discuss how implementing a well designed artifact database greatly increases accessibility to the museum's collections.
August 9, 2010
The site of Umm el-Jimal in Jordan will benefit from the AIA's next Site Preservation Grant which will be used to ensure the long-term preservation through education and outreach.
August 4, 2010
An update from the AIA's April 2010 Site Preservation Grant winner—the Gault School of Archaeological Research
August 4, 2010
English classes and heritage workshops have commenced at Banteay Chhmar, Cambodia
August 4, 2010
AIA Site Preservation Grant Kissonerga Summer 2010 Update


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