AIA Lecturer/Host: Gocha Tsetskhladze

Associate Professor and Reader in Archaeology at the University of Melbourne

Archaeological Institute of America lecturer and host Gocha Tsetskhladze (Ph.D. Moscow, D.Phil. Oxford) is a classical archaeologist who specializes in ancient Greek colonization and the archaeology of the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, Caucasia, Anatolia, and central and eastern Europe in the first millennium B.C. For more than twenty years he has excavated several Greek colonial sites around the Black Sea (in Georgia, Russia, and the Ukraine).

In 2009 he became director of the excavation at Pessinus in central Anatolia. Professor Tsetskhladze was born in (Soviet) Georgia and was educated in Kharkov, Ukraine; Moscow, Russia; and Oxford, England. Since 2004 he has taught Mediterranean, Anatolian, and Black Sea archaeology at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Prior to moving there he had resided in England for fourteen years, where he taught classical archaeology at the University of London. Professor Tsetskhladze is the author of more than two hundred and fifty books, edited volumes, chapters, articles, etc.; founder and series editor of the publication series Colloquia Pontica, now Colloquia Antiqua; and founder and editor-in-chief of the journal Ancient West & East. He has long been active in the Archaeological Institute of America and has lectured extensively at universities in North America, most recently as an Onassis Visiting Professor at four North American universities in 2006. Professor Tsetskhladze received excellent reviews as the AIA lecturer on a 2007 circumnavigation of the Black Sea, and looks forward to traveling with us in Georgia and in Armenia this fall and looks forward to traveling with us in Georgia and in Armenia this spring.