AIA Tour Programs

AIA Tours offers in-depth land trips that range from comfortable to ultra-luxurious, cruises aboard outstanding small ships that can dock and anchor at historic ports and towns that larger ships simply cannot visit, and for those accustomed to flying first-class we offer extraordinary adventures aboard private planes.

Circumnavigating the Black Sea
September 25, 2016 to October 6, 2016
(12 days) PDF icon circumnavigating_the_black_sea.pdf
Island Life of Ancient Greece
September 26, 2016 to October 4, 2016
(9 days)
Tunisia: Phoenicians to Romans, Mosaics to Mosques (land tour) October 1, 2016 (TBA)
Malta to Rome
October 6, 2016 to October 15, 2016
(10 days)
Morocco: From the Desert to the Sea (land tour)
October 16, 2016 to October 29, 2016
(14 days) PDF icon aia_tours_morocco10-16_web.pdf
Ancient Sites and Natural Wonders of Peru and Chile
October 24, 2016 to November 3, 2016
(11) PDF icon peru_and_chili.pdf
Cruising the Mekong River: Cambodia and Vietnam
November 7, 2016 to November 20, 2016
(14 days) PDF icon mekong.pdf
The Gulf States: Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi & Oman
November 29, 2016 to December 9, 2016
(11 days) PDF icon gulf_states_dubai_to_oman.pdf
Temples and Palaces of Northern India (land tour) December 1, 2016 (TBA)
Jungle Kingdoms of the Ancient Maya (land tour) January 1, 2017 (Dates TBA)